Hostinger Web Hosting Review:[is hostinger a good host?]


Hostinger Web Hosting Review:[is hostinger a good host?]

Hostinger is one of the cheapest shared hosting service providers today we discribe this post hostinger web hosting review. It started as in 2007, a free web host without ads. Then, in 2011, the web hosting brand Hostinger was born. By 2014, Hostinger’s user base has exceeded 10 million.


In January 2017, the user base grew to 29 million. In just over a decade, this is an impressive growth. And the company has a lot of unlimited free features. But are all these additional services really unlimited and free?


We will check it ourselves, so you don’t need to pay for Hostinger’s real live streaming plan.After that, following this tutorial, we created our own website and started tracking its performance. Want to know how good (or bad) Hostinger is? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this virtual host.


Verdict: Is Hostinger The Right Web Host For You?

After trying our test page, experimenting with these features and having a basic understanding of Hostinger Web Hosting Review web hosting services, we have to say that Hostinger is indeed a very reliable host!


Its interface is easy to use, user-friendly, WordPress (and other popular applications) one-click settings, and your server response time can be comparable to some of our top A+ web servers. Thanks to your excellent support team, we found that your service is very beginner friendly! Having received training in their “zero support” system, they will be happy to help you step by step to solve all problems that may arise.

Verdict Is Hostinger The Right Web Host For You

Compared with our preferred web host SiteGround, we found that the speed of Hostinger is somewhat similar to that of Host SiteGround. It is worth noting that these two companies serve very different markets. If you are just starting a blog or are considering getting it wet, there is nothing to worry about choosing Hostinger. High-quality service and extremely low prices make you a great value-for-money host. If you find that there are not enough features in the future, there is always an option to upgrade to advanced features!


Pros of Hostinger


Good low-cost plan.

Helpful customer service.

Test the excellent usability of other Minecraft servers,

including the company’s Zyro website builder.


Cons of Hostinger


There is no dedicated host.

Not all plans have Windows options.

No phone support.

The basic shared hosting plan only provides one email account.


Shared Web Hosting

Like many other web hosting services, Hostinger offers shared web hosting. Hostinger Web Hosting Review At this most basic level of hosting, your website and other websites reside on the server. In other words, the site actually shares the cost and resources of a single server.


Therefore, shared virtual hosts are usually low-cost virtual hosts. The disadvantage is that shared hosting is not a very powerful hosting service, so if you receive your content (or content from one of your roommates), your website may slow down or become unavailable. For example, Hostinger has three web-based shared hosting plans. Applies to Linux: Single, Premium and Business. The single plan is 9.49 USD/month or 2.99 USD/month, with an annual commitment (renewable for 5 USD).99 per month after the first year).

Shared Web Hosting


In addition, Hostinger is promoting a low price of $1.39 per month, but it does require a four-year commitment. This unique plan hosts only one website and provides an email account (only one!), 100 GB of data transfer per month, 30 GB of solid-state storage, and approximately 10,000 visitors per month. The next step is the premium plan. It costs $10.95 per month or $5.99 per month, with an annual commitment (renewable for $8.99 per month).The plan allows you to create up to 100 websites and email addresses, and also provides unlimited monthly data transfers and 100 GB of storage space. Premium also comes with a free domain name, free SSL, and processing power that can handle approximately 25,000 visitors per month.

Shared Web Hosting pro

The business plan fee for the first year is $15.99/month or $6.99/month (renewable at $10.99/month). It is based on the Premium plan and provides daily backups, free CDN to speed up your website and 4 times the processing power so that your website can serve approximately 100,000 visitors per month.


The Hostinger plan also offers two-year and four-year heavily discounted contracts. Hostinger Web Hosting Review These are great plans for family businesses that just want to list their inventory, but the editor’s choice award winner HostGator provides an excellent shared web hosting plan for a wider range of users. HostGator not only has Linux and Windows servers to choose from, it also provides unlimited storage, email, and monthly data transfer on any shared hosting. The level is cool.


VPS Web Hosting

If you really want to build an online presence for your business, virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the minimum web hosting you need. Compared with shared hosting, VPS hosting provides additional server resources for your website to run because there are fewer hosts.


There are six Linux-based VPS plans. Entry-level Linux provides 1GB of RAM, 20GB of storage space, and 1000GB of monthly data transfer at a price of US$9.95/month or US$4.94/month, with an annual commitment discount (increased to US$9.05 after the first year/month).

VPS Web Hosting

Top Linux VPS plan Including 8GB RAM, 160GB storage space and 8,000GB monthly data transfer, the fee is 109.99 USD/month or the annual commitment is discounted at 58.99 USD/month (up to 72 USD).99 per month after the first year). Unfortunately, Hostinger no longer offers a Windows-based VPS plan.


These are good plans to serve your business well, but Hostwinds is still the preferred version of PCMag for VPS hosting. The full VPS starts at $16.99/month, with 1GB RAM, 30GB storage space and 1TB monthly data transfer. For 96 GB of RAM, 750 GB of storage space, and 9 TB of monthly data, these plans cost up to $574 per month. Windows-based VPS options, including some fully managed VPS products.

No to Dedicated Hosting, Yes to Minecraft Hosting

Dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful forms of hosting you will find. A dedicated hosting plan puts your website on a separate server so that you can take full advantage of the server’s capabilities. If you expect a lot of traffic, a dedicated server is essential, but Hostinger does not provide dedicated hosting.


Do you know who is doing this? Precision net. In fact, it is an editor’s choice for web hosting services. Read this review to learn more about the excellent dedicated hosting services provided by AccuWeb. Hosting, but provides player-centric Minecraft hosting.


There are five Minecraft hosting options, starting at $19.$95 per month or $10.95 per month, with an annual commitment (roll back to $18.15 per month next year). The lowest tariff provides you with a server with 2 GB RAM and 2 times the vCPU performance. Create game modules, set rules, and even add in-game ads.


WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Hostinger Web Hosting Review With its simple and powerful plugin and theme ecosystem, WordPress is very easy to customize according to your needs, which is one of its main attractions. Hostinger has several WordPress plans; in fact, four of them are Single, Starter, Business, and Pro.


Hostinger’s WordPress hosting plan and Hostinger’s shared hosting plan have multiple names, but provide different specifications. Annual commitment) Maintain a website with 10,000 visitors per month using an email account and 30 GB of SSD storage.99 per month or $5.99 per month for the first year of the annual plan) includes 100 website support, 100 GB storage space, free Jetpack add-ons and unlimited monthly data.

WordPress Web Hosting

Annual plan) Make life better with 200GB of storage space and daily backups. Finally, the Pro plan ($29.00/month or $15.99/month, annual commitment, $24.99/month renewal) is better than anyone who supports 300 websites, 300,000 monthly visitors and Jetpack employees… Provided by Hostinger A very simple onboarding process that will make your website up and running in minutes.You can also migrate existing sites manually or using Hostinger proxy. However, our editor selected A2 for WordPress hosting by providing three levels of WordPress hosting: Lite, Swift, and Turbo are superior to Hostinger and competitors. You have unlimited storage space, monthly data transfers, and email.


Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is a form of web hosting where your website is hosted by multiple different servers.Hostinger Web Hosting Review that  You can expand resources in real time because your site is not constrained by the physical limitations of the server. Hostinger provides three levels of cloud hosting: Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional and Cloud. Global support is provided by Google.

Cloud Web Hosting

The entry-level model starts at US$29/month or US$12.99/month, with an annual commitment (up to US$23.99/month), equipped with 3GB of memory, 2 CPU cores, and 200GB of solid-state hard drive storage and transmission. …Unlimited monthly data. The middle tier starts at US$58 per month or US$22.99 per month, with a one-year commitment (up to US$48.99 per month) to increase RAM to 6GB and storage to 250GB. The high-quality layer starts at $99.99 USD/month or 79.99 USD/month, annual commitment (renewable to 95.99 USD/month), 16 GB RAM and 300 GB storage space.

Cloud Web Hosting pro

All of Hostinger’s cloud plans come with dedicated IP addresses, free SSL certificates, and site functions. These plans also provide two- and four-year plans. This is a good business, but if you want truly powerful cloud hosting, 1 & 1 Ionos is your best choice. The starting price for a single-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 50GB of storage space, and unlimited monthly transfers is $0.014 per hour (up to a monthly payment of $10). Provides up to $0.486 per hour for 16-core processor, 48GB memory, 500GB storage space and unlimited monthly data transfer.


There are managed and unmanaged options, as well as custom plans. DreamHost is our co-editor’s choice for small websites with low cloud hosting requirements. Their plans start at $4.50 per month (512MB of memory, 100GB of storage space, and unlimited monthly transfers), and up to $48 per month (four CPU cores, 8GB of memory, 100GB of storage space, and unlimited monthly transfers of data). .You can choose Linux or Windows-based servers from 1 and 1 Ionos. The difference from Hostinger is the 200 GB SSD storage in the starter plan; if you choose a four-year commitment, it costs $9.99 per month compared to the Hostinger Web Hosting Review competition.


Reseller Web Hosting

If you want to do your own web hosting business but don’t want to deal with infrastructure issues, please check out two Hostinger reseller hosting plans: cPanel reseller starter edition and cPanel reseller business. The term is 3 months) includes 50 cPanel accounts, 50 GB storage space, 500 GB monthly data transfer and free SSL certificate.


The business plan ($33.99/month, 3 months commitment) adds 150 cPanel accounts, unlimited storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers. Like other reseller hosting plans, the Hostinger reseller plan allows you to create a personalized experience brand for your business. All plans also include automatic backups. However, Hostwinds is still the publisher’s first choice for web hosting resellers, offering unlimited storage and data transfer at all levels.

Good Customer Service

If you have questions or just want to consult Hostinger support, you can contact support via 24/7 web chat. They answered our test questions through appropriate links. Hostinger’s customer support team is the best team we have encountered in web hosting games, even ahead of the excellent GoDaddy team. It should be noted that Hostinger does not provide telephone support. Dude, is this a web chat or a crash.

The company claims that for customers, web chat is faster and easier than phone support, so you don’t have to worry about it. On the other hand, Hostinger has an extensive knowledge base that can answer common (and uncommon) web hosting questions. The company also has a wiki site, which can answer many questions. The Hostinger plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is typical of web hosting. service.However, DreamHost offers up to 97 days of money-back guarantee, giving you more time to explore your options.

Excellent Uptime

Hostinger Web Hosting Review Uptime is an extremely important element of web hosting because it is a measure of the usability of your website. Sites with good availability are considered trustworthy; sites with poor availability are unavailable and unreliable.


In our two-week test, Hostinger proved to be a reliable web host. In fact, our test site never collapsed during the 14-day observation period. Guaranteed 99.9% server availability, so you can rely on Hostinger to keep your website online.



A Very Good Host

Hostinger is a multifunctional web server that provides excellent uptime and customer service, as well as a combination of traditional and cloud hosting. If you want to explore sandbox video games in a new way, it is also easy to use and has a Minecraft server. However, Hostinger’s lack of dedicated servers is an obstacle. If you are looking for more powerful dedicated web hosting, check out the award-winning AccuWeb, an award-winning Editors’ Choice Award, which also has an excellent Windows server and dedicated hosting plan. As a telephone Hostinger Web Hosting Review support.




Everything a Beginner Needs

With costs being as little as they are, my demanding character right now diagnose regions .Hostinger is probably attempting to drag one over on me: functions and performance. Sure, I’d like to pay 1/2 of of what the competition charge. However I don’t need to get handiest 1/2 of of what they provide. Luckily, that wasn’t the case at all, as Hostinger’s plans consist of the whole thing I had to get going, from adequate sources to performance-boosting tools. Three shared web website hosting plans are available – Single, Premium, and Business. All 3 paintings on pinnacle of Hostinger’s very personal manage panel, hPanel. Which incorporates clean vehiclemobile installations of WordPress and dozens of different content material control systems (CMS).

I signed up for the fundamental plan, which got here with 30GB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth, 1 electronic mail account, and assist for a unmarried website. It’s sufficient assets to construct a completely decent website – suppose masses of pages and hundreds of HD images. Definitely sufficient to show off your writing, creativity, products, services, or some thing you’re making plans on hosting.

choose your web hosting plan


plan of hostinger

The superior plans include limitless bandwidth, limitless e-mail accounts, and limitless websites. Some more perks which you won’t get with the Single plan. Consist of SSH get right of entry to for you Linux-savvy developers, limitless subdomains, and limitless databases.

Automatic day by day backups are the only crucial function. The simple plan lacks, that means you’ll ought to carry out backups manually or buy the carrier as a separate add-on. Hostinger does have a drag-and-drop internet site builder through the call of Zyro. However it isn’t to be had as a part of the web website hosting plans. Before we dig deeper into Hostinger’s pleasant features, a phrase at the VPS and cloud plans.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review is first and predominant a shared web website hosting provider. Don’t be that man who is going to the pleasant pizza joint on the town and asks for pasta. There are hosts specializing in VPS and cloud services – Liquid Web and Kinsta, for example – and whilst Hostinger’s services withinside the discipline aren’t the worst, there’s no cause to move for them.


hPanel Has All the Basic Features, but Lacks Some Advanced Ones

Hostinger Web Hosting Review that As I stated before, Hostinger has advanced its very own proprietary manage panel, which means you won’t be attending to play with the loved cPanel which you understand and love. What’s that? You don’t broaden emotional attachments to web website hosting manage panels? Well, you’re the bizarre one. Anyways, at the same time as cPanel was the usual manage panel you’d get with maximum hosts (which includes Hostinger), matters change.

Due to a few dull employer drama that came about some time ago, hosts had been switching panels left and right. hPanel is Hostinger’s undertaking into the panel world, and you’ll locate it ready with all of the candies you need. From clean vehiclemobile installations and DNS zones configurations to electronic mail accounts, a report manager, and MySQL databases, it’s all very much like what cPanel offers.

auto installer



But… a few matters are different. For example, vehiclemobile installations in cPanel are accomplished with Softaculous, which additionally helps you to clone your site, installation a staging version, or even configure a backup schedule. hPanel’s Auto Installer does a remarkable task at vehiclemobile-putting in WordPress, however lacks those beneficial extras.


Advanced electronic mail features, like mailing lists, filters, and routings, also are lacking from hPanel. Did I ever virtually use them myself once they have been to be had to me? Honestly, never. I’m now no longer certain who does. But that’s hPanel for you – it may not be able to everything, however it’s truely sufficient for most.


Powerful Caching Thanks to the LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed isn’t the bodily steel server, however the net server era that Hostinger uses. It constantly ranks as one of the quickest and maximum dependable net servers, outperforming the older Apache era that hosts like GoDaddy nonetheless use. You won’t should do some thing to configure it. Just take a seat down lower back and revel in the top-notch overall performance it delivers, particularly for WordPress websites.

LiteSpeed caching is the best thing you can do for your website


What you could do, and maximum clearly must do, is prompt LiteSpeed’s caching function, referred to as LSCache. Sounds too technical? Well, turning at the Automatic Cache alternative quite plenty sums it up. Cached copies of your pages may be created, extensively slicing transport instances to visitors. Static pages, like enterprise pages and portfolios, will gain from this even more.

An SSL Certificate That You May or May Not Be Getting

You want an SSL certificates. No depend what you think, and irrespective of what everybody might’ve advised you – you want an SSL. Why? Because with out an SSL certificates to encrypt and stable your visitors’ data, the numerous evils lurking on line will come for it. You’ll now no longer best be risking your challenge and your visitors’ safety, however you’ll additionally take successful on Google’s rankings.

Today, Hostinger presents an SSL with all of its plans. In the figurative yesterday, which in my case changed into simply multiple months ago, no certificates changed into provided. What’s going to show up day after today is anyone’s guess. Hostinger regularly performs round with its plan features, and I advocate which you triple-take a look at and make certain that an SSL is certainly blanketed together along with your plan. Know that if an SSL isn’t blanketed, it’s feasible to buy one as a separate add-on. Still, that shouldn’t be the case.


Everything Is Well Designed, but You’ll Be Under Constant Attack From Upsell Pop-Ups

Putting it simply, Hostinger’s person revel in specialists have engineered a exceptional interface and person journey, from signup to the usage of and dealing with your hosting. Thing is, Hostinger’s commercial enterprise method is based on continuously pushing you to improve and buy extras.

It’s stressful at best, and perplexing at worst. But still, the plans are certainly laid out, and all Hostinger asks for on signup is your name, an e mail address, and a password. Hurray for putting off all of the beside the point facts that different hosts are so eager on collecting.

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

After shopping my plan, it become time to attach a site and set up WordPress. I become supplied with the choice to robotically set up WordPress as a part of the signup process, however I selected to do it the ordinary way, the usage of the manipulate panel itself, to test how Hostinger’s gear evaluate to what different hosts provide.

Now, my area become truely covered totally free once I bought the Single plan, which means it become already linked to the hosting. Today, for anything reason, best the superior plans include a unfastened area.

Nothing confusing, just a well-thought-out user experience


If you come to be getting your area call from every other provider, connecting it’s far easy. Nameserver facts is conveniently to be had on the pinnacle of your web website hosting info page, and all you need to do is copy-paste them into your area panel.

Easy-peasy. Got connected in no time

What approximately WordPress? I opened the Auto Installer tool, picked WordPress as my CMS of choice, and entered the simple internet site details. It changed into even less complicated than how Softaculous does things, and my new internet site changed into up and walking inside one minute.

I used the Auto Installer tool and installed WordPress in seconds


Managing Your Hosting with hPanel Is Easy

We’ve included the manner of having your internet site online. However from this factor on you’ll nonetheless use hPanel to make edits and modifications in your hosting. Setting up an electronic mail account, strolling guide backups, coping with the databases, and more, are all achievable via hPanel. How does all of it evaluate to doing matters with cPanel? Well, in my opinion, it’s downright easier.

hPanel icons are larger and higher organized, the interface isn’t as cluttered with more alternatives that you’ll by no means use, and the mixing with Hostinger’s different services (support, buying extras, viewing billing) is seamless. So, are we able to name it an ideal ease-of-use experience? No, now no longer really. The reason, as I stated before, is that many times your workflow might be harm via way of means of upsell pop-ups. Think having to make a essential extrade in your DNS records, simply to be greeted with this:

I really hate these pop-ups. Life would be so good without them.
I didn’t “Raise the bar.” I didn’t honestly do some thing besides log in. But Hostinger is eager on pushing plan upgrades, and you’ll ought to continually be organized to close down those attempts, of which there are many. Don’t suppose for a 2nd that those pop-ups suggest that you’ve come what may used up your sources and want to upgrade.


Overall Hostinger Web Hosting Review that  Hostinger is a sturdy desire for each skilled WordPress builders and newbies. It gives speedy speeds and informed purchaser support. However, at the same time as its overall performance is stable overall, you can enjoy overall performance blips occasionally on heavy-site visitors sites.
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