Linkedin learning reviews : is linkedin learning worth it?

Linkedin learning reviews : is linkedin learning worth it?

If you have been looking for professional training opportunities online recently, you will almost certainly encounter LinkedIn Learning. This is also the platform we explore at Raven360. In fact, we will provide full integration between our corporate LMS and LinkedIn training in early 2021.


We are happy that this allows our customers to get the best education and training in the industry in the same location as the company’s own training materials. Summarize what LinkedIn Learning is, what features it provides, and take a closer look at courses, materials, and costs. We will also analyze all the advantages and disadvantages and combine them into a comprehensive recommendation. (But if you just want to quickly understand the pros and cons, we will leave them below.)


What Is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn hardly needs introduction, because it is the largest professional social network in the world, but its learning platform has not received as much attention, but as more and more people start to look for digital learning platforms at home, this situation This has changed in 2020. .LinkedIn Learning was originally, a massively open online course (MOOC) website that has grown into a website that offers thousands of courses for LinkedIn users. These courses cover a wide range of content, from professional technical skills (such as typesetting) to soft skills (such as human resource management).


Pros of linkedin learning reviews


Free Trial: A one-month free trial period gives you access to more than 16,700 courses and other available resources.

Certificate Completion: At the end of the course, get a certificate and share it through your LinkedIn profile.

Offline Viewing: The ability to download courses to the mobile app for offline viewing, which makes it very convenient on the go.

Learn At Your Own Pace: All courses are designed according to personal progress, so you can study at a convenient time and have the opportunity to come back to study when you need to review.

Multiple Languages: Courses are offered in multiple languages, including site-wide language selection.


Cons of linkedin learning reviews


No Accredited Certificates: You will receive a certificate of completion, but please note that this is not an endorsement certificate from a university or partner. If this is what you are looking for, Coursera or edX may be worth a try.


Limited Course Topics: LinkedIn Learning focuses on business, creativity, and technology, which may mean you won’t find a topic of interest. If so, then it’s worth checking out platforms like Udemy for a wider range of courses.



LinkedIn Learning Review Verdict

LinkedIn Learning provides online courses in business, creativity, and technology. All your courses are tailored to your personal progress, so you can study anytime, anywhere. With LinkedIn Learning, you can purchase customized courses or sign up for monthly or annual subscriptions. 1 month free trial mode. Lecturers are subject matter experts who work with LinkedIn Learning to create high-quality content.


Who Is LinkedIn Learning For?

If you want to develop your skills in business, creativity or technology, please consider choosing a suitable e-learning platform. Provide expert-guided videos, exercises, and quizzes, which you can upload to your LinkedIn learning website at any time. More than 16,700 courses provide personalized course recommendations based on your skills and interests, and provide you with filter selection needs that suit your courses Be adjusted. Degree recognition is what you are looking for, so be sure to consider the right platform.

Team of linkedin learning

LinkedIn Learning not only offers courses for individual students, but also offers customized e-learning for your team or company.

linkedin learning team review

LinkedIn Learning for Your Team is focused on how online learning can benefit your business by maximizing team training and promoting personalized development. you can see more here.



Is LinkedIn Learning worth it?

If you are looking for quick answers and don’t have time to read the entire article, don’t worry! I can express my opinion immediately. Yes, LinkedIn learning is worthwhile for people who can spend at least 2-3 hours a week developing new skills or improving existing skills. Offers more than 16,000 free and paid courses on more than 170 topics and is part of LinkedIn Premium. The monthly fee is $29.99. You have a short answer, let’s see why it’s worth it, and what are the most common misconceptions I’ve seen in other LinkedIn Learning reviews:


How Much Does LinkedIn Learning Cost?

The biggest mistake I see on the first page of Google is probably the price. In fact, the official front page comment stated that “The monthly subscription fee for LinkedIn Learning is $29.99”. This is not exactly what this person said. You pay $29.99 a month for a full LinkedIn Premium subscription.


What does it include: Features: Who has viewed your personal data; 3 monthly InMail messages for members outside your network; Applicants’ views on professional abilities and skills;Company information, such as trends, attitudes, and leadership changes; salary information so that you can evaluate your skills; willing to deal with the most important interview questions related to professional content; of course, you can have unrestricted access to all LinkedIn learning content. Unless you use other features, the price for LinkedIn training only is $29.99. However, whether you use them or not, you will still own them. You cannot purchase LinkedIn Learning subscriptions separately.

  • Annually: You will pay an annual fee that works out at $24.99/month*
  • Monthly: You will pay a monthly subscription of $39.99/month*

LinkedIn Learning Subscriptions

All of this is a real price to pay, if it is worth it, it should be related to LinkedIn premium subscription (no training), which is of course a completely different topic. You can read my opinion on the effectiveness of LinkedIn Premium. As you can see, the statement that the LinkedIn learning subscription price is $30 makes people think that this is the only thing they get at the price we see, which is incorrect. of course.

LinkedIn Learning 1-month free trial

Buy an individual course

If you do not want to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription, you have the option to purchase an individual course by selecting Buy This Course (see image below). The cost of individual courses is between $ 20 and $ 40, including taxes. You can find the individual course by browsing and selecting the subjects or the software.

Once you’ve purchased a single course, you can view and repeat the course as many times as you want as long as you maintain your LinkedIn account. There is no time limit on how long you can access the course.

You will receive certificates of completion for all courses that you have purchased and completed, which you can then share on your LinkedIn profile.

Learning Experience

To summarize all the LinkedIn learning reviews we reviewed, let’s try to answer the question, “Is it worth learning LinkedIn?” Talk about the overall learning experience you will get when you register for a platform course. Overall, students seem to be very different when it comes to the LinkedIn Learning learning experience. Some people say that I like these courses, some people are a little disappointed, but most users agree that the platform is actually one of the best choices for online learning. Difficulties-there is always room for improvement!

How To Open A LinkedIn Learning Account?

The registration process for LinkedIn Learning is really simple, but I thought it would be helpful to explain a little more about the registration process.

LinkedIn Learning sign up

1/Open a program and visit

2/In the event that you as of now have a account you can sign in with your email/telephone and secret phrase.

3/On the off chance that you don’t have a account you can be diverted to Join now.

4/Then, at that point you can sign in to your LinkedIn Learning account.

LinkedIn Learning browse categories

Whenever you are joined you would then be able to start to Browse the classes Business, Creative and Technology. When you select one of the classes they are broken into sub classifications Subjects, Software and Learning Paths.


Content Quality

Then, yet unquestionably not the most un-significant part of our LinkedIn Learning audit is Content Quality.

Indeed, it is presumably the main one on the rundown. All things considered, for what reason would you pursue an online course on the off chance that you are not anticipating a base quality?


Linkedin learning reviews that The issue with offering my input on this one are a couple:

To begin with: I have generally done seminars on Digital Marketing. Along these lines, I don’t feel able to offer my input on some other subject. In any case, I can in any case share my general inclination and experience as I was doing the courses.

Second: the manner in which you see the substance quality will rely upon your present insight on the matter. On the off chance that you are progressed in Digital Marketing watching an early on record, you won’t appreciate it. Nor on the off chance that you are a novice watching recordings on intricate, progressed ideas.

Third: the impression of value will likewise rely upon your assumptions ahead of time. Fortunately, you have a 30-day free preliminary to choose if the substance satisfies your hopes. From that point onward, you can drop whenever.

linkedin bid types


From my experience, the substance is very acceptable and simple to process. Nonetheless, I likewise concur with a portion of the pundits that there is absence of further developed substance regarding certain matters.


Likewise, it will fluctuate contingent upon the teacher that is dealing with the course. Some will normally be superior to other people, and some will clarify subjects in more detail than others.


30-day Free trial

There is one more point that I want to get across before finishing this LinkedIn Learning review.

I read someone claiming that LinkedIn’s free trial is a scam because they ask for your credit card details. To which I want to say: do you not know how businesses work? I mean, the main reason why businesses exist in the first place is to generate profit, because otherwise they will die.

And no, I am not saying that LinkedIn wants your credit or debit card details to scam you into paying. On the contrary, you can cancel any time, without charges.


Regular updates

Next, check out our LinkedIn learning reviews to see if the platform regularly updates their courses. With new technologies that are constantly evolving today, just because many things change every day, courses created a few years ago may no longer be relevant. For example, in the field of digital marketing, there are many platforms, concepts, and advertising networks that are constantly being updated, and new features are added every two months, so courses that can’t keep up with them will soon become obsolete.


LinkedIn App

Linkedin learning reviews that When I review LinkedIn learning, I think it’s worth mentioning that they have a great mobile app. I’m not sure if many online course competitors provide mobile apps and good apps. I think the LinkedIn learning course application is very good, simple and intuitive. The videos load smoothly one after another, and you can always start where you left off.

LinkedIn App


I remember I used it a lot a few years ago, when I spent more than 3 hours on public transportation every day! This motivates us not only to use this time to learn new things, but also to obtain a certificate. Online courses are not easy on mobile devices. Especially if certification exams or course completion questions are required.


The only downside to learning in the daily commute is that LinkedIn courses consume a lot of mobile data.Therefore, unless you have a large GB (or unlimited) data plan, you will soon find that your mobile data has disappeared.


Examples Of The Most Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses

On the LinkedIn Learning presentation page you can track down its most featured courses with subheadings like Trending currently, Learn inside 30 minutes, New Releases and that’s only the tip of the iceberg (see picture beneath). In the event that you don’t know what you are searching for this can be an extraordinary spot to begin perusing.

I figured it is useful to feature the most mainstream courses that LinkedIn Learners are most appreciating.

Money and Accounting Tips

A course for novices to assist you with understanding asset reports, charge and credits, organization working cycles and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It has had near 120,000 watchers and 30,000+ who have loved this course. The course educators are Jim and Kay Stice who have been investigating monetary data for a joined 60 years.

Powerful Listening

A course to evaluate your present listening abilities, comprehend the difficulties to successful tuning in and foster practices to improve as an audience. It has had more than 200,000 watchers and 14,000+ who have loved this course. The course teachers are Tatiana Kolovou and Branda Bailey-Hughes who are interchanges specialists.

Prologue to Graphic Design

A course that covers the ideas and programming that each architect has to know and clarify how they fit into an ordinary visual computerization work process. It has had more than 115,000 watchers and near 5,000 who have loved this course. The course teacher Tony Harmer has worked in the innovative business for more than 30 years on a scope of plan, outline, and web/screen projects.

Python Essential Training

A course that helps you on the most proficient method to utilize Python 3 to make very much planned scripts and keep up with existing tasks. It has had near 300,000 watchers and 13,000+ who have preferred this course. The course educator Bill Weinman is a tech supporter, business visionary, and master in programming dialects like Python.

Time Usage Fundamentals

A course to help successfully oversee time with imperative abilities by figuring out how to complete more in the briefest time conceivable and keep away from impediments and interruptions. It has near 300,000 watchers and more than 13,000 who have loved this course. The course teacher Dave Crenshaw, a top rated creator and business mentor spreads out hypothetical and pragmatic establishments for dealing with your time getting more useful.


7 tips To Find The Perfect LinkedIn Learning Course

Linkedin learning reviews that Attempting to settle on the right course or way for you isn’t in every case simple, particularly when you have a library of 16,700+ courses to browse. I have assembled 7 accommodating tips to help you pick the ideal LinkedIn Learning course.

Preview course

Seeing the course is perhaps the most ideal approaches to get a preference for the course and the educators instructing it. Most courses two or three example recordings to watch including the presentation and some from the primary part.

LinkedIn Learning Preview Course

I strongly recommend watching the preview videos before purchasing or subscribing to any of the courses. This way you can be sure that the course is right for you and meets your expectations.

Course recommendations Feature

The suggestions of LinkedIn Learning courses depend on your current abilities and other profile subtleties, similar to the abilities you’re keen on.

LinkedIn Learning recommendations

On your LinkedIn Learning landing page you can discover a rundown of classes for the course suggestions like Top picks, Learn inside 30 minutes, Most loved on LinkedIn Learning, New Releases and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

On the off chance that you need your course suggestions to be more customized you can add your inclinations to the abilities you’re keen on. By tapping on your profile picture and choosing Skills (see picture above).

My Learning

You are then taken to My Learning and can choose proposed abilities or Find abilities you are searching for (see picture above). This way you will be shown courses you’re Interested in on your LinkedIn Learning landing page.


Course description

The course depiction gives you a concise portrayal of the course, illustrating what you will realize and reference to the course educator. Alongside the portrayal the abilities covered are featured.

In the course depiction, you will discover the What you’ll realize (see picture underneath). This assists you with distinguishing the particular information on your picked course and can be a truly speedy way for you to know whether the course is for you or not.

LinkedIn Learning What you’ll learn

Learning Paths

LinkedIn Learning Paths associate the hole among profession and the abilities you need to arrive. It is right now offering 70+ learning ways in Creative, Business and Technology subjects.

The Learning Path will furnish you with a few courses centered around a bigger theme for example Become a web designer, Master Microsoft Excel and significantly more. So if mastering the right range of abilities for a vocation is the thing that you are searching for then considering the Learning Path is an incredible alternative for you.

Question & Answer

Larger part of courses at LinkedIn Learning offer a Q&A for students where you can pose inquiries on any questions that you have about the course.

Different students or educators can respond to the inquiries. It might likewise be worth simply perusing the Q&A as it can address any inquiries you have.

Check out the Instructor

Discovering more about the educator of the course you are thinking about can be probably. The best sign of whether the course is for you. You can peruse a little bio about the Instructor on the Course portrayal page. It likewise incorporates connections to their LinkedIn profile and different courses they instruct.

LinkedIn Learning Instructor Bio

Try For Free

At the point when you first sign up. You will have the choice to get a 1-month free preliminary which gives you admittance to the accompanying:

LinkedIn Learning free trial


Will LinkedIn Learning Help Me With My Career?

LinkedIn Learning courses are ideal for somebody needing to foster their abilities in one or the other Business, Technology or Creative related subjects. The learning ways choice is engaged towards acquiring the devices and abilities to get prepared for a specific vocation track.

LinkedIn Learning browse Learning Paths

Successful completion of a Learning Path will mean you will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate can then be shared on your LinkedIn profile and will document to clients, employers, colleagues, friends and potential future employers of your skill set. The Certificate of Completion will be automatically generated when LinkedIn Learning detects that all videos have been completed of the course.

LinkedIn Learning Certificate of Completion example


This concludes our LinkedIn learning reviews. Hope you find the information in this article helpful! If you decide to try LinkedIn Learning, please remember that registration is required. Even so, for anyone who wants to improve their skills in a particular field, LinkedIn learning is still a worthwhile choice. If you are a beginner and want to find the best place to study, so much the better. No matter which one you choose, I wish you good luck!

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