Namecheap reviews and expert opinion[Trusted Domain And Hosting]

Namecheap reviews and expert opinion[Trusted Domain And Hosting]

Most people know that Namecheap is a domain name registration and management service. But they also provide web hosting services. Namecheap was founded in 2000, initially providing low-cost domain names and excellent customer service.


In this post we provide you Expert Namecheap Review and Today, they have more than 3 million customers and manage more than 11 million domains. Check out our latest Namecheap reviews and expert opinion.In addition to complete web hosting and domain name plans, Namecheap also sells SSL certificates, data protection services and more. Because Namecheap believes that everyone must have a website, they provide affordable access to everything needed to run the website.


The Namecheap hosting plan provides fast and reliable service and guarantees 100% uptime. Whenever you need to build a new site, you can do it easily with one of the many Namecheap Site Builder applications. If you have an existing website, Namecheap will move. In addition to its extensive knowledge base, you can also check if you need help. Namecheap provides 24/7 live chat support. You can also submit a ticket for Namecheap reviews and expert opinion and is it Trusted Domain And Hosting?


About Namecheap

NameCheap was founded by Richard Kirkendall in 2000; I believe that ordinary Internet users deserve excellent service and affordable domain names. Today, the company has more than 11 million customers and more than 3 million domain names.


Namecheap does not consider domain names, websites, and hosting plans to be a luxury. They think this is necessary. They also believe that it should be available to everyone, not just those who know how to program and use the advanced features of the board. Is to provide all users with unparalleled service, first-class support and the most secure data protection.


Customers will not be overwhelmed by unnecessary additional sales or unnecessary advertisements. The company’s core values ​​are: honesty, friendliness, simplicity and ready to help.



Namecheap offers a lot of value through its dedicated shared hosting, but we found the speed of the original plan disappointing. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and we recommend that you spend as much money as possible to ensure Namecheap is fast. Enough for you.

verdict of Namecheap reviews


Pros of Namecheap reviews and expert opinion

Easy to use:

Check out our latest Namecheap reviews and expert opinion.Namecheap’s hosting services are easy to use, reliable, and extremely fast. Namecheap has a simple user interface that allows you to purchase what you are looking for relatively quickly without confusing obstacles. If technology is not your specialty, this is a huge benefit.

Free domain privacy:

One of the best features of Namecheap is the permanent free domain privacy. Other options (such as GoDaddy) provide domain privacy and plugins for an additional charge, if you want to keep it, you need to update it from time to time.

Free migration:

Namecheap will help you migrate your WordPress site to hosting within 24 hours for free. All you have to do is fill out an application with some detailed information about your website and submit it.

Affordable all around:

Namecheap comes with a price tag, which is perfect for newbie websites who want to get started without spending too much money.

Updates to TLDs:

Namecheap constantly updates its list of top extensions, so you can be sure that, in addition to the popular .com, you can always choose from extensions that might be of interest to you.

Free apps:

Namecheap provides free and paid website building applications that can help you make your website a success, including logo creation applications, website speed optimization, and even help you create real LLC applications.

Great support:

If you are having trouble using the website and need someone to help you solve the problem, Namecheap has an online chat or support option.

Guides and videos:

If you encounter difficulties and want to do it yourself, Namecheap has a large number of guides and videos, as well as an extensive and detailed knowledge base.

Easy domain transfer:

Do you want to transfer your domain name to Namecheap? You can do this very easily by submitting an application containing all the necessary information. This may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 working days.


Cons of Namecheap reviews and expert opinion


Downtime issues:

Namecheap provides site health monitoring, checks for problems every five minutes, and then records the performance of your site in your personal dashboard. However, when other times are within the 99% availability range, some users experience downtime.

Renewal rates:

If you have experience with a domain name registrar, you probably know that most of them include a higher renewal rate after the initial domain name registration period ends. Namecheap is better than most in this regard, but you should still be aware of this. of.

Domain transfer fees:

Check out our latest Namecheap reviews and expert opinion.Namecheap’s hosting services are easy to use, reliable, and extremely fast. It’s easy to transfer your domain registration to Namecheap, but the cost may vary depending on whether you have a discount coupon code.


Namecheap’s Values and Branding

As mentioned earlier, Namecheap is a private and independent hosting company. This is rare in the tech world, and a few companies own most of the hosting companies. However, becoming a large company is not necessarily a negative factor for hosting companies. The only reason that makes Namecheap an independent company in the industry is their commitment to transparency and defining their brand value, which is known to cause confusion throughout the industry.


Regarding all their prices and services, I like the way they highlight renewal rates and their list of scalable hosting features. After all, I believe it is a reliable company with a strong culture. is very important.


Hosting Types and Plans

Namecheap offers multiple types and hosting plans, starting with shared hosting.


Shared Hosting


3 plans to choose from.

The minimum fee is 3 websites at most, and only 1 website is provided at most, and the maximum fee is unlimited.The range of subdomains is from 30 to unlimited.All plans have unlimited bandwidth.A large number of automatic replies, databases, e-mail accounts. And email forwarding accounts, depending on the plan you choose. A considerable amount of storage space.A long list of other features can be easily compared with other providers.

shared hosting plan of namecheap reviews and expert opinion



If you’re a blogger or expert then Shared web website hosting is the maximum appropriate web website hosting plan for you. You gets WordPress cPanel, personalized Email service, 24/7 stay aid and unfastened SSL certificate. Shared web website hosting helps you to construct your internet site without a doubt unfastened with a internet site builder.

You also can pick out US or UK information centre location. You should pay $1 extra for the United Kingdom information centre. For every of the plans, you could choose both according to month, every year or years primarily based totally subscription.

Shared hosting plans has under noted advantages for all categories:

Unmetered bandwidth

Domain call and privateness protection

Free computerized SSL installation

internet site builder also

supersonic CDN also free

30 days money-returned guarantee

Shared web website hosting plan has 3 plans :


2.Stellar plus

3.Stellar business

The fees begin from $2.88 in step with month. If you buy a three hundred and sixty five days subscription then you could get a 45% cut price on the primary year.

Stellar plan

This is the maximum cheap plan supply with the aid of using Namecheap. The plan gives 20 GB SSD, three websites, area call and unfasten CDN. The plan charges at $1.fifty eight in step with month for the primary yr in case you pick out the every year subscription. Or else you’ll be charged $2.88 in step with month.

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Stellar Plus plan

This is the maximum famous plan presented through Namecheap. The plan gives Unmetered SSD, limitless websites, Auto backup, area call and loose CDN simply at $2.18 consistent with month if bought annually.

Stellar Business plan

Check out our latest Namecheap reviews and expert opinion.Namecheap’s hosting services are easy to use, reliable, and extremely fast.A stellar Business plan gives you 50 GB SSD, limitless websites, car backup and cloud storage, area call and loose CDN simply at $4.eighty consistent with month if paid annually. Stellar Business clients can now get Cloud Storage advantages like proper stability, blanketed data, and 0 interruption.


VPS Hosting

There are two VPS plans to choose from. You can get everything the normal plan offers, and more. If necessary, all plans can be easily upgraded/downgraded.  You will get higher priority support and response faster than those who have a common plan.

The VPS plan is hosted on a super fast network. In Phoenix, Arizona, the page speed is therefore very fast, usually faster than the dedicated servers of other hosting companies. One or more clients use the same server in these plans. This brings huge stability and performance advantages, and no downtime (Namecheap guarantee).

vps hosting plan of Namecheap reviews and expert opinion

Choose self-control, semi-control, or Namecheap to take full control of your server. If you manage it yourself, you can choose the operating system and get restart access, root access, and the ability to perform a clean installation on the server. If you manage it entirely by yourself, you will only have the reseller access to the server settings managed by the technicians at Namecheap.


Dedicated Servers

Many different plans meet your needs.Set-up and free migration on the same day.You can get all the content in the VPS and sharing plans, but some may be higher. These plans are perfect for high-traffic websites.Your own server, so you can do it yourself, or let Namecheap do it for you.The price per budget.

dadicated server of Namecheap reviews and expert opinion



Reseller Plans

You can generate residual income by using reseller plans and selling plans to your customers and others you know.Storage space depends on which of the three plans you choose, and all plans have unlimited bandwidth. Anonymize the name server so that no one knows you.Resale service.Provide comprehensive priority support to help handle all aspects of the process.Unlimited domains and subdomains.

resellar hosting of Namecheap reviews and expert opinion

Like Shared web website hosting right here additionally you could pick both US or UK datacenter and for the United Kingdom datacenter you need to pay extra $1 in line with month. The Reseller plan has 3 unique plans known as Nebula, Galaxy Expert and Universe Pro. Price begins offevolved at $18.88 in line with month.


And the charges of the plans variety up to $48.88 in line with month. You can invoice in line with month, quarterly or every year basis. Nebula plans provide 25 cPanels and 30 GB SSD while Galaxy Expert and Universe Pro have one hundred cPanels, ninety GB SSD and two hundred cPanel, a hundred and fifty GB SSD and WHMCS starter respectively.


Namecheap Pricing

Check out our latest Namecheap reviews and expert opinion.Namecheap has changed the pricing structure of its packages from four to three tiers. The three levels include: • Stellar hosting plan renewal: $33.88 per year after the first year, with a significant discount of $1.18 per month-a one-time payment of $14.16. •

Stellar Plus hosting package renewal: $57.88 per year after the first year, with a significant discount of $1.98 per month-a one-time payment of $23.76.88 times every two years. Compared to a 1-year contract and a higher down payment, this gives you a lower discount percentage, but saves more overall. After all, a 50% reduction in 2 years is a savings of more than 59%. One year, full cost for the next year.What is the catch?

Namecheap Pricing of Namecheap reviews and expert opinion

The limits of the two plans are at least one of the “3D” and other plan limits. However, this is an improvement because 2 years ago there were 2 restrictions on “3D” in every package. When we talk about the shortcomings of NameCheap, we will take a closer look at this.


Stellar package

But first, let’s talk about how this plan was followed. • Stellar package: Limited to three domains, 20 GB of SSD storage space, 30 email accounts, and 50 databases. • Stellar Plus package-unlimited domains, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited databases. • Stellar Enterprise Bundle: No domain limit, 50 GB SSD limit and unlimited bandwidth. Their restrictions are much less than two years ago. They have made real progress in improving the hosting plans they offer. In the previous review, we concluded:”For users whose plans stay within the limits, Namecheap is almost always lower than the prices of other plans you can find from other hosting companies.


However, if users are unsure, they may benefit more from a less restrictive hosting company. Many, including HostGator, InMotion and Web Hosting Hub. No matter which direction consumers choose, Namecheap provides significant cost advantages.” Although most of the above summary is still correct, Namecheap’s proposal has been significant so far. With the improvement, the restrictions and restrictions on all packages are much less.

Namecheap’s Values and Branding

As mentioned earlier, Namecheap is a private, independent hosting company. This is rare in the tech world where a few companies own most hosting companies. This is not necessarily a good thing. However, being in the hands of a large company is not necessarily a bad thing for a hosting company.

The only reason that makes Namecheap an independent company in the industry is their commitment to transparency and defining their brand value, which is known to cause confusion throughout the industry. One of the most positive things about companies is that they remain transparent. I like the way they highlight the renewal rate and the list of scalable hosting features. Ultimately, I believe it is a reliable company with a strong culture. is very important.

Namecheap’s Onboarding and Account Managing

Registering a new web server, like any new product, involves a range of emotions, from daunting to exciting. One of the most important things about using Namecheap is that you complete the onboarding process of registering an account. account. Enter a step-by-step guide with no problems. After entering the guide, you should be able to easily navigate to the new dashboard. After the user completes the registration process, they will receive a welcome email that can be used to log in directly. In their service or anything that instructs them how to do this. Users find that the back end of the account has a clean, minimalistic design.


There are no harsh derivatives or flashing banners to distract or overwhelm users. Namecheap also uses CPanel, a control panel familiar to many hosting companies for managing servers and websites. Users can quickly install the WordPress software and use the clean version without any additional themes or plugins. The package includes a free and easy-to-use website builder. However, like most website builders, WordPress gives you more freedom and flexibility.

Datacenter and Backup Choices

Additional features are another area where NameCheap does a great job. When registering, users can choose a data center located in the United States, the European Union, or the United Kingdom. It’s better for you.


The use of data centers in the UK or EU requires an additional fee of USD 1 per month. It also performs backups for hosting accounts twice a week through NameCheap. User independent backup is imperative, but when the company does backup, this is an amazing security feature.


NameCheap includes all backups for free. Competitors such as HostGator and Web Hosting Hub often request this as a limited bonus feature.



Namecheap Disadvantages

Check out our latest Namecheap reviews and expert opinion.Namecheap’s hosting services are easy to use, reliable, and extremely fast. Like any web hosting company, Namecheap has its drawbacks. Now I want to talk about the shortcomings I encountered when hosting on Namecheap.


Plan Limitations 

As I pointed out in the “Pricing” section, the Namecheap database, disk space, domain, and email address are restricted in some ways. In recent years, they have improved significantly, but there are still some boundary problems. For those who run one or two websites and want to keep it small, Namecheap will be a good choice.


For those with multiple locations, the problem of boundary overlap is no longer the same as before, but there are still some “3D” boundaries. In most cases, the hosting company’s plan is violated. In these situations, they usually focus on one or two lines to separate their plans.


For example, if you choose HostGator’s incubation program, you will get a domain. However, with their baby plan, you can have unlimited domain names. You can see a very simple difference. If you want to add another site, you need to update.Although Namecheap initially did not clearly distinguish between packages and restrictions, the new packages being proposed are more in line with this. Users of Namecheap have different update triggers.


When you start a website that is actively used. Videos and pictures, you want it to be updated. If you manage multiple different domains for multiple projects, you can initiate an upgrade. It’s also ironic that if a user pays for a higher plan through Namecheap, you will still run into space constraints. Even if they sell the plan to a memory-intensive e-commerce site, the plan has huge disk space limitations.


Performance and Allocations

As mentioned above, the sole purpose of a web hosting company is to provide web files when one enters the user’s domain name. What is missing in this scene? If you think he should read “Quickly provide web files”, then when we live in the mobile age, website speed is of the utmost importance.


Although server speed is not the only factor to consider when evaluating the overall speed of a website, it is an important factor. Experience the so-called bottleneck factor. This means that no matter how fast you accelerate or compress your website, it will only run as fast as the server’s response speed.


Response and speed are difficult to measure. Only the network engineer at NameCheap can give a clear answer on the speed of the server. However, they promised that in most cases, “our shared hosting is 50% higher than any other hosting.However, anyone can develop a rough index for server performance. This indicator is called TTFB (Time to First Byte), and it shows how fast the server can transmit the first byte of information after receiving a request.


Hosting Performance: My Own Experience

Here are my results a few days after I began testing:

namecheap-performance of Namecheap reviews and expert opinion

Memory Caps

As with schedule constraints, allocating servers is not necessarily a bad thing. Those small sites that don’t load images are unlikely to notice the difference. However, I do not recommend buying NameCheap hosting because of its features and speed.

namecheap-performance of namecheap easywp review

Customer Support

Measuring their customer service is very difficult. It is difficult to fully understand what is happening behind the scenes. When you contact them, the same is true to find out if the company is useful to you.


You can find comments from other users on the Internet; you will find exaggerated negative impressions or naive positive comments about every business on the Internet. The problem with anecdotes is that no one knows if they are reading popular or similar content. Instead, I recommend that users look for whether the company sees customer service as a sign of investment or cost.


In other words, is the company trying to obtain satisfied long-term customers or is it trying to maximize short-term profits? The two best indicators I can find are having a wide range of support channels, and investment in troubleshooting, FAQs, and other DIY customer support features.


When we first looked at Namecheap a few years ago, we came to the conclusion that in both cases, they “performed mediocre in this respect.” When it comes to support channels, you are still a bit thin.However, during that time, they greatly improved their knowledge base by providing a large number of hosted documents and training videos.



Hosting Customer-Support Through Namecheap


Check out our latest Namecheap reviews and expert opinion.Namecheap’s hosting services are easy to use, reliable, and extremely fast.For those looking for instant response and availability, they can take advantage of customer support and live chat. When I use the chat function, the delay is negligible. My service is also very good. For complex technical issues, text support can be tedious.


In terms of DIY customer support functions and resources, NameCheap has a knowledge base of good information. Now there is an important part about the details of life. Part of this review? Mainly because NameCheap did not have a dedicated apartment search service before, and there have been significant improvements in this area.


Should Namecheap just stick to Domain Names?

NameCheap is not a hosting company, but a domain name. Although NameCheap provides hosting services, it is not a hosting company, nor is it specialized in these services, but a domain name registrar. One of the main reasons users choose this company as their hosting provider is because it is easy to do after registering your domain. Even so, they now offer many different hosting solutions, including VPS hosting and dedicated hosting servers. , WordPress hosting and reseller hosting packages. This shows that hosting is not a secondary issue, but an area where they want to develop a competitive product. If you look at the Internet service industry more broadly, hosting and domain names are a perfect match.


However, it seems that a company has never done a good job. It’s not uncommon for hosting providers to provide domain registration. They are too expensive and difficult to manage.In most cases, domain name companies lack the resources or expertise to fully deploy world-class hosting infrastructure.​​​ I am not saying that this is impossible, some companies are not suitable. Cookies.


Even the company must sell them together; this does not mean that the situation is perfect. Even if NameCheap has a great hosting service, I still hesitate because all my Internet presence components will be concentrated in one company. I prefer to keep my host and domain name in different companies. While this usually doesn’t apply to domain ownership and only applies to hosting companies, it also applies to companies that run my hosting server.


Bonus Features

Although the NameCheap program has a full set of features, there are exceptions to certain bonus features. For example, you find that your refund is very tight. NameCheap has only thirty days left. Competitors like HostGator have a 45-day money-back guarantee. Independent competitors such as InMotion, Web Hosting Hub and DreamHost have a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Another example: some of your plug-ins and upgrades, including dedicated IP addresses that are usually required to install SSL certificates, are too expensive. Most companies are free or charge around $2, but NameCheap charges $24 per year. Although these points are not a serious disadvantage for the company, consumers should definitely understand them before making a decision.On the other hand, they recently provided a free beta version of Supersonic CDN (upgradable via purchase option) and free SSL installation for the first year on all packages.


Hosting Comparisons For Namecheap

I have used several well-known web hosting services as consultants and consumers, so NameCheap hosting immediately scored with everyone.


Hosting: iPage vs. NameCheap

HostGator has an independent sub-brand called iPage, which specializes in low-cost, low-cost web hosting. This company is owned by Endurance International, but contrary to their experience at HostGator, their investment is not active. Provide users with very affordable short-term prices. Although this is great for those who want to save money, it is a dark opportunity due to poor performance and lack of good customer support. Although iPage has unlimited features, NameCheap is still my choice.


Hosting: HostGator vs. NameCheap

You will find that HostGator is very famous in the hosting industry.Check out our latest Namecheap reviews and expert opinion.Namecheap’s hosting services are easy to use, reliable, and extremely fast.  This is another company under Endurance International, making it another sister brand of iPage and Bluehost. HostGator is one of the leading brands of Endurance International and is known for its strong balance between good support, long-term pricing and good performance.


Users will find that Hostgator’s support and performance are much better, and HostGator’s plans are less restrictive. If you expect a lot of traffic, I suggest you use NameCheap. For those who want to build multiple larger websites, HostGator is your best choice.


Hosting: InMotion vs. NameCheap

As for the fastest independent company in the industry, that is employee-owned rather than a large company, InMotion is one of the largest companies to achieve this goal. I used to use a VPS server through InMotion. Compared with NameCheap,


InMotion has better planning functions, better customer service and better performance. Compared with NameCheap, their prices are generally higher, but you are really worth the money, so I choose InMotion. Users should understand InMotion and one thing the company has.


From the original hosting brand called Web Hosting Hub. This company provides users with better performance and unlimited pricing options than InMotion. The company is head-to-head with NameCheap. Although they are more expensive, they are a good choice for those who like to use a dedicated host. the company.


Final Thoughts On Namecheap

In the end Check out our latest Namecheap reviews and expert opinion.Namecheap’s hosting services are easy to use, reliable, and extremely fast. I think NameCheap hosting is a good choice for those looking for low-cost and cheap and affordable hosting plans. Users who start with a very small website and care more about pricing than plan restrictions. , NameCheap is your best choice.


They are making significant improvements by offering VPS and dedicated server hosting options as well as their shared hosting plans to provide a more complete hosting solution. This shows that they not only see hosting as a “stray” from their domain registration solution, but also as an area where they are ready to provide highly competitive products.


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