Revisiting Star Stable Online – A flawed but lovable game experience

Revisiting Star Stable Online – A flawed but lovable game experience


This review has been secure for a protracted time currently. after I initial checked out Star Stable on-line, I came away with a awfully essential read, and voiced my annoyance at several of its selections in my initial review.
Thanks to the SSO team giving ME generous access to the game’s paid options, the assistance of many members within the TMQ community and also the varied updates the sport has created since I initial wrote concerning it, i used to be really excited to present it another go. I spent considerably longer with the sport now around, and even endowed some Star Coins here or there. Let’s dive into new realizations, remaining gripes, minor nitpicks and major flaws.



Star Stable on-line publishes associate update each single week, and has been doing therefore ever since the sport launched in 2011. The content of those updates varies from new horses and horse coat colours turning into accessible for purchase, to new temporary quests and races being unlatched, to seasonal special events, to updates created to the play world.

In my 1st write-up regarding the sport, I criticized the design of some horses and therefore the art variety of the environments. whereas the goofy-looking starter horses were already changed for the immensely higher trying updated Jorvik Warmblood a moment past, the months since my last writeup have brought vital changes to the appearance of the game’s environments.

While there ar apparently some fans preferring the design of “classic” horse breeds, it’s become quite clear to Maine in person that a lot of of what I found definitely ugly regarding SSO antecedently is residue of the past, and is within the method of being updated.



Star Stable on-line boasts of giving 10 thousand quests to play. As is expected with such a scope, these quests vary drastically in their quality, each in terms of writing and presentation.

Some of the quests feel epic, imperative and vital, others focus abundantly on the way of life in horse-crazy Jorvik. sadly, only too several of the quests’ mechanics boil right down to the bog-standard “go there” and “pick up 5 of that”, except for the present “race through these checkpoints”. There square measure rare occasions wherever the mechanics deviate from these norms: the sport offers one or two of hiding missions, for instance. The ensuing gameplay usually feels further gawky, as if the hunt designers did what they may to usher in some selection, however were too restricted in their toolset to feature something that truly feels smart.

It’s continually simple to abstract any game mechanic to the purpose wherever it sounds boring, however what makes several quests feel frustrating is that the presentation and polish around them is lacking.



A core grievance in my initial review was the awful handling of player character and horse. i’m considerably less daunted by this drawback by currently, that is because of one or two of factors: On the one hand, since I form of forced myself to play the sport once more no matter however I felt regarding it, I merely got wont to it. At constant time, my horse has levelled up and gained numerous enhancements to its stats, which incorporates not solely how briskly it runs, however additionally however quickly it reacts to my inputs.

Another issue that confounds Maine is that my beginer horse was in AN awful “mood” from the terribly start. to urge a horse into a decent mood, one either needs to come back on-line to try to to horse care chores each single day for weeks, or pay Star Coins on either current stable care, or the veterinarian’s treatment. whereas a replacement horse i ultimately bought started off in a wonderful mood, I don’t perceive why my initial beginer horse didn’t a minimum of start out with “okay”.

That level ups and regular care bring enhancements is to be expected, however the results of this set-up is that your 1st moments of horse riding, wherever the sport ought to be creating a decent impression on you, are going to be absolutely the worst expertise of the sport during this regard.



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