shaw academy lifetime membership review: is shaw academy accredited in usa?

Shaw academy lifetime membership review:Is shaw academy accredited in usa?

Welcome to my Shaw academy lifetime membership review where we take a closer look at training, support, and pricing so you can decide whether or not this online learning platform is legitimate and worth signing up for.

I must confess: I am a serious self-development addict!

Whether you’re listening to executive audiobooks or attending corporate conferences, I firmly believe that you are investing the time and effort into learning and improving yourself. The beauty of the online world is that learning is no longer confined to the classroom. you want to learn, you can! In your own time and at your own pace, wherever you are.

Sure, you can learn a lot on YouTube, but sometimes you just can’t get around a well-structured, step-by-step workout where you track your progress and get the feeling of accomplishment when you’re done. What about the Shaw Academy? Is it a scam to stay away from or a legitimate learning platform worth participating in?

What Is

Shaw academy lifetime membership review On the basis of these words we can say that Shaw Academy is a web coaching platform that was based by Dublin-based James Egan & Adrian potato in 2013. they need one clear mission statement: “To deliver nice education, accessibly and affordably to everyone” They even have over 800,000 followers on their Facebook page and boast over four million graduates therefore far. Here’ a fast summary video i believe you’ll realize helpful:


What Type Of Courses Does Shaw Academy Offer?

Shaw Academy offers a mix of wildly engaging courses from photography, smartphone photography, video editing, video production, thuscial media marketing, digital marketing, inventive marketing, and therefore the list goes on and on.


a number of these courses have over one-hundred thousand graduates, whereas others are within the five-figure range. That being said, these graduate numbers aren’t checked by any freelance source, so we’ve got to trust the (rather shady) ethics of Shaw Academy, or suspect that they’re inflating their numbers.

The Training

With a mission to equip the globe with skills, they provide forty two courses unionised into ten completely different categories:


  • Photography (8 courses)
  • Finance (4 courses)
  • Health and Wellness (4 courses)
  • Marketing (5 courses)
  • Technology (7 courses)
  • Design (4 courses)
  • Beauty (1 course)
  • Music (2 courses)
  • Business (5 courses)
  • Language (1 course)

They update courses to stay up to date and always add new courses. If you want to learn how to design apps, trade on the stock market, improve your Photoshop skills, or learn ot play the guitar, this is where you develop your skills.

Each course includes live question and answer sessions, interactive quizzes, video tutorials and other assignments. I really like the layout of the training area. It’s easy to navigate and looks great.

Who is Shaw Academy For?

If you are looking to acquire a generally recognized degree such as a master’s or bachelor’s degree, Shaw academy lifetime membership review then this training platform is not for you.


Instead, check out these alternatives: The Shaw Academy is ideal for people looking to acquire or develop their practical skills in a specific area. Maybe you reached a certain level as a software developer by watching random videos on YouTube, but now you want to move on to the next level.


Shaw Academy training gives you a well-defined, focused, and structured learning program to follow. The result? You will acquire practical, “salable” skills and become an expert in your chosen field, which can open an infinite number of doors in the future.

How Are The Courses Structured?

Very modular. It contains separate sections that describe the different stages of developing and learning skills, which become more active after the introductory stage of the first module. The Run Run Run Run Academy is popular because the certificate is considered legal, but the course itself is not. There is nothing to encourage. They are good, but not unique or memorable. The success of Xiao Academy can easily happen on twelve other similar websites and services.

Shaw Academy Pricing

To be honest Shaw academy lifetime membership review-it is not easy to determine the exact cost of exercise, but after not getting support (I will explain below) and doing a lot of research, I think I get it. Finally did it. They offer a 7-day free trial period and a 4-week free course, which can reduce the price:


price of shaw academy

Each course is USD 45 per month (you can unsubscribe at any time).

Complete the final task-$49.

To get a paper copy of the certificate-$59.

They also have a premium membership of $22.32 per month. Or $39

Customer Support

Customer service has only increased since the allegations were made against him On the basis of these words we can say that Shaw academy lifetime membership review. Previously, the letter was copied and pasted to almost every student who had a valid complaint or requested a refund.

shaw academy courses customer support

The college’s response team is working overtime. From now on, they will respond to unconfirmed emails in a personalized response, but we don’t think it will take long. Contacting customer support is very simple, this may be our review time. They were just lucky, but in general, the contact was pleasant and well received. We got a reply in about two hours, please take a few minutes.

Pros And Cons Of Shaw Academy

As you can imagine, the Shaw Academy did not really shine here. You have a lot of objections to this, but in order to be as transparent and objective as possible, we can see some of the positive aspects.

The Pros of Shaw academy lifetime membership review

 7 Day Free Trial:

The free trial version gives you the opportunity to study the first course without risk, so you can check the study area and determine if it is appropriate.


Wide Range of Courses:


You will have access to many types of courses, each with complete coverage and many modules to help you understand everything about the subject.

Live Webinars:


The on-site training at Shaw Academy is great. Not only will you feel like a member of the class, but you will also get answers to questions that make the process so much better.


Solid Courses:

The quality of the courses and education content of Shaw College is actually very high, but after so much talk, it is still difficult to understand. If you have had a positive experience with them, it will be because their first-class courses are really outstanding.

The Cons of Shaw academy lifetime membership review

Customer Service:

From now on, you can get good customer support…in most cases. However, they are known for unpredictable customer support, and their current representatives have difficulty finding information that can answer their questions.


Immediate Phone Calls:

You need to provide a phone number when you check in. This phone number is likely to call you immediately (sometimes automatically, sometimes not), which is too simple and complicated.

Unclear Pricing:

Depending on what you want to achieve with Shaw Academy, your price will vary. It all depends on the skills you choose, and the standard subscription fee for some add-ons can be as long as three months.

Free 4-Week Trial

Shaw Academy offers a variety of comprehensive courses, including online interactive courses, tutorials and videos. Teachers are internal subject experts who work exclusively at Shaw College and constantly update the content to reflect current trends. Suitable for your course, and obtain an internationally recognized certificate upon completion.

shaw academy courses 4 week free trial

Some media have negative reports on Shaw Academy that it is difficult to unsubscribe after a 4-week free trial. However, this is due to the large number of freshmen (over 14 million students) joining in 2020 due to the global pandemic. The vast majority of students are satisfied, and Shaw College strives to apply the acquired knowledge and improve their processes.


Shaw academy lifetime membership review wise Is Shaw Academy A Scam Or Legit?

My biggest point of contention is the (intentional?) Ambiguity about course and administration fees … it can really break trust, and as we’ve seen, it can lead people to label you a scam after being unexpectedly billed were. You may say they should have read the terms and conditions, but we know very few do.


The Shaw Academy would help its members and itself by doing the right thing and displaying their prices clearly so people know exactly what they are getting. That being said, the training is very well thought out and organized and indeed it is a great opportunity for students who want to develop their skills in a particular area, at their own pace and in their own time. gives you the ability to browse the courses and test the entire platform with no down payment so you can decide if this is right for you.


In my opinion, while the Shaw Academy is not perfect, it is a legitimate education that offers quality education at a great price Update June 2020: Trustpilot is investigating the Shaw Academy following a large number of complaints and refund requests.


Allegations Of Fraud

Everyone is waiting. The fraud used in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “deception or misrepresentation of facts” or “facts or facts that do not exist.” If I understand Shaw Academy and follow the definition of fraud, then these fees are definitely worthwhile. At the time of writing, the fraud complaint was received only three hours ago. Shaw Academy was accused and secretly admitted: they charge too much for services they don’t want, customers still have to pay before the free trial period ends, and only people pay for services they don’t even register (add-ons; these people Have a Shaw Academy account, but no specific perks)


Complaints continue. By June 2020, most of them will be widely known. Many alumni said that Shaw College did not respond to them until an article appeared on June 13 to introduce the allegations to the media. You will find many problems that are still occurring, and when Shaw Academy tries to solve these problems on websites such as the Better Business Bureau, the number of complaints is still overwhelming. We believe that the only reason why his journey of apology started was mainly due to accusations and possible opposition, but it had nothing to do with his own moral code. You can even find a petition with more than four thousand signatures and multiple first-hand reports on alleged fraud cases. Run Run Run Shaw College was suspended.



Test the site to see what types of courses are available for you, and the price of $49.99 is not high, you can prove your risk and try it. This cannot be ruled out in terms of course structure, usability and all other aspects. However, for security reasons, I will do the following: buy a Visa or Mastercard gift card. 16-digit card number and 3-digit security number. Just top up the exact amount you want to spend a month. Install and forget-make it the only card used by Shaw Academy. Debit or credit cards can access Shaw Academy. There are too many reports of unauthorized or premature charges.


Shaw Academy: Worth Your Time?

When writing this review, the first thing I wrote was: “I want to say that Show Academy is worth it in 2021. Would you say the same as a few years ago? Probably not. Shaw Academy has gone a long way. Road and did it. “Things they absolutely should have, despite so little criticism (your Internet research will always remind you), they have good value. Shaw Academy’s leading resource on website reliability, companies and applications, has recently accuse of deliberately encouraging customers to leave most positive reviews. This is the practice adopt all major companies.


They encourage customers to leave comments for them. They will even receive a message indicating the receipt you received when you purchased the coffee. However, there is a difference between requiring the community to fill in the questionnaire and strictly filling in most questionnaires. The community accused Horn College of deliberately using non-English students, but we did not personally discover this problem. There is enough up-to-date and up-to-date information on the Internet that this may be correct. EdWize I just want to provide you with the best resources.I am writing this review to let you understand the risks, but the bottom line is: Shaw College in 2021 is not worth your money. The educational content is good, but the company is terrible.


Is Shaw Academy legit?

You may have some negative comments from customers who opted out. But their membership has not cancel. When the pandemic broke out, Xiao was more popular than anyone thought, and problems followed. Due to the exponential growth in demand for its services, the rise of COVID has brought significant unexpected challenges to customer service.


Customer registrations increased from 700,000 per month in January 2020 to over 2 million per month. In July 2020, the indirect impact was an increase in the number of customer service issues, from 40,000 in January 2020 to more than 216,000 in May 2020. During this period, Shaw Academy took steps to prepare for the development of the customer support team. Including:


(a) Increasing the number of customer service agents from 10 in February 2020 to more than 100; (b) Appointing a customer service manager in May 2020;

(c) Appointing a team leader for quality assurance and customer service.

(d) Customer satisfaction increased from 36% in March 2020 to 76% in April 2021

(e) FRT (First Response Time) decreased from 74 hours in May 2020 to 2 pm in April 2021 Point

(f) The number of one-star ratings has sunk. The 66%

(g) support call for the June 2020 peak is also down 50% from the June peak.


The following measures have taken. The number of undo steps has reduce from seven to four. The conditions at Shaw College have become more favorable. Launched an official support platform on multiple social media platforms. The company has grown to have more than 500 employees in different locations for further training in all areas. The Student A course catalog has expanded to more than 120 courses (plus 494%)



Shaw College is a legal learning platform that has been in operation since 2012. When COVID emerged, they flooded into thousands of new students who were not ready to welcome them. This caused strong opposition from the media.

It was a shame because they worked hard. … to provide affordable, affordable and high-quality courses. The vast majority of their students are satisfy with the support. They received because they have solved the problems. They faced and ensured that dissatisfied customers get a full refund.

If you have a busy life but want to develop your professional skills, Shaw College is a good choice. All of their teachers are highly qualified, and after completing the course, you will receive an internationally recognized diploma. From business and language to photography and design. , Everyone who strives to achieve personal development will gain something.

Better Shaw Academy Alternatives

1. Udemy – 100,000’s Of Courses offers over 100,000 video courses on almost every topic imaginable. Seriously, from accounting to game design, pet care and poker, it’s all there!

2. Varsity tutor same as shaw academy


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