Tails.com Review: The Tailored Dog Food Delivered To Your Door

Tails.com Review: The Tailored Dog Food Delivered To Your Door

We normally no longer produce full written reviews (as it takes too long to write and keep updated) but with the large number of questions we are currently receiving about Tails.com we feel this is warranted .

What is Tails.com?

Tails.com is the UK’s premier and best-known “made-to-measure” pet food manufacturer. Based on your dog’s information, they put together a food that is “perfectly tailored to your dog’s unique nutritional needs”. Come to your door every month in the right quantities and even write your dog’s name on the bag! The concept has proven extremely popular, and Tails.com has quickly built a huge presence in the industry. In 2018, Nestlé Purina acquired a majority stake in the business.
Are the recipes on Tails.com really tailored?
Above. Tails offers a selection of formulas with titles such as Active Mobility, Calorie Management, Healthy Activity, and The details a customer enters on the Tails.com website determine which formulations are mixed and what proportions a million possible combinations. that would be frankly impossible), the final mix of ingredients and nutrients is effectively tailored.
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How Tails.com Works

You enter your age, race, weight, activity level, health problems and possible allergies. Once you have submitted the most important details, Tails can use its special algorithm to create your unique recipe. The questionnaire is very easy to complete, with check boxes and auto-complete options to make sure you give the correct answers, and it’s not too confusing. They have a team of veterinarians and nutritionists so you can really narrow down your choices.

The food provides your dog with the perfect balance of meat, vegetables and minerals, while adding or removing useful or harmful ingredients for digestive, joint or skin problems. It will ask if your dog is currently eating wet or dry food and if you also need treats. All the data you enter allows you to choose from more than 1 million combinations to find the ideal food for your dog.

All foods and combinations are overseen by Tails Chief Vet Sean McCormack, as well as a small team of animal nutritionists, to ensure that each ingredient is safe and will work with the other combinations to provide something safe and perfect for your dog. And it gets delivered to your doorstep every month (the food is cooked that long), and your first bag comes with a handy scoop as well as information about the food and how to safely swap it out for new one. .

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How can I view my custom ingredient list?

You must register at least one account (including providing your email address and filling out a questionnaire) before doing this. Get access to specific details like ingredients, typical analyzes, etc.And even then, it’s not guaranteed. During the creation of test formulas on the Tails.com website, multiple ingredient lists and nutritional breakdowns were not provided at any stage of the process. Of course, we understand that it is impossible for Tails.com to declare full ingredient lists before customers provide their dog details, but for the sake of transparency, Tails should really remove the registration requirement, make sure they always provide ingredient lists, and post ingredient lists for all of yours Stock recipes so customers have at least an idea of ​​what to expect before signing up.

What We Tried

The Tails team were kind enough to give away food so we could see what the fuss was about. We tested it on 3 of our office dogs, each with different needs. At first, Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Lurcher x Lab Retriever Pippa, who has many allergies that cause skin irritation, needed foods without wheat, beef, chicken, soy, dairy, and egg, so salmon and lamb were on the menu. Then Lab x Staffie x Pointer Dodger.

There are no foods to avoid, but he does have a few digestive issues every now and then, which can give us everything from wind to toilet problems. He’s also a bit picky – if he doesn’t like what he’s got on his plate, he’s stubborn enough to go on a hunger strike. Finally the French bulldog Hugo. He is not aware of any allergies, but gluten had to be ruled out due to an intolerance and he can also suffer from a sensitive stomach so that he has to change his diet slowly to avoid upset stomach. .


All of the maximum not unusualplace allergen elements had been off the menu with Pippa, such as chicken, that’s the beef regularly utilized in hypoallergenic meals because it isn’t visible as being as super a risk, and is simple to digest. So, salmon and lamb had been selected with the aid of using Tails to be the primary protein reassets for her blend. The addition of prebiotics additionally enables with digestion, as do herbal elements inclusive of brown rice and beet pulp.


The meals went down a deal with and became combined with a chunk of Pippa’s authentic moist meals (which you may additionally do if that is how your canine typically has their meals). When you’re choosing what meals to get, simply enter that they typically have moist too, in addition to any treats. Knowing how lots to feed your canine is likewise a puzzling factor for lots canine parents, so the news which may be adjusted to in shape the dimensions wish is a super little tool. Pippa wished scoops of meals on putting L-11, that’s 280g in total.


As mention earlier, Dodger’s digestive system is delicate. There are no allergies or intolerances, but we have calculated through trial and error that it is best to eat simple dry foods to avoid loose movement and gas. He’s also picky, he just looks at everything that is put on his plate that he doesn’t like. The habit of taking your food into the living room so you don’t miss anything that happens. It also worked with your digestive system. At first, Dodger was a little wary of what we did, but soon Dodger accepted his he needed two balls of cookies on the H8 setting, which was actually a little more than we gave him (he didn’t complain, of course).


Since Hugo can suffer from an upset stomach when changing food quickly, the switch to a new brand is not carrie out regularly. Vets who use 70% old and 30% new on day 1 and 2, 50% old and 50% new on day 34, 30% old and 70% new on day 56 and finally 100% new food on day 7 The change was really easy. No health or digestive problems to report, and no discomfort to the food either.

Is the food good on Tails.com?

The big question. Of course, with so many different permutations available, some formulas are better than others. By our standards, most of the ingredient lists we were able to make through Tails.com scored between 45% and 65%. For some specific dogs with very specific nutritional needs, formulas with a rating of up to 71% could be generate. On the high end, Tails.com formulas generally have relatively high levels of meat (including fresh meat), some high quality whole grains, and a decent selection of nutritional supplements. Conversely, at the low end, Tails formulas often contain large amounts of wheat and / or corn, numerous unclear ingredients, and artificial additives. as your dog’s current diet has a significant impact on the formula Colas creates for you. less, the custom formula is of lesser quality and less expensive.

What Extras They Offer

Their main product is their bespoke dry dog ​​food, but they also make puppy, senior, wet, hypoallergenic and stomach sensitive foods. Not only do the snakes make their main meals, they also have a shop selling chews, treats, dentist’s diaries, and even pouches of feces. The ability to add these to your shipment every month will definitely come in handy for anyone who runs out of supplies on a regular basis. For anyone concerned about how animal feed production is affecting the planet, they are important too.

Anything Else?

As mentioned, the food is delivery right to your doorstep, which is likely to be a selling point for only a few. The food is delivery monthly, although you can change that, but the idea behind the different sized bags is that the food should last a long time. One month to keep track of everything, after you’ve order .You’ll have an online account handy that has all the information you need for reference, from how each cookie knibble works to how it is fed. Login page allows you to pause or adjust deliveries.

The price is in the middle of the range, more expensive than you would probably pay for these generic brands in the grocery store, but it’s worth a little more for convenience. Oh, and if you don’t like The First Time, Tails will remix it for free. Their website also has tips on how to make it more delicious, such as adding sauce, heating it to release the flavor, or moistening the cookies.

Which Ingredients Do They Use?

Meat and fish are the main ingredients that get notice. They provide your dog with a source of protein as well as essential fatty acids. Lamb fat and gravy, salmon and chicken are the meat sources Tails uses, all of which are gastrointestinal and unlikely. Vegetables and whole grain products also play an important role. Peas are very useful, beet pulp is good for the digestive system, and the intestines and potatoes are an easily digestible carbohydrate. Brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and carrots are also use. Prebiotics for gastrointestinal health and glucosamine for joints are also add.

What Are The Negatives?

There are not many; Not all combinations are available yet; For example, foods that exclude chicken automatically exclude cereals; There is no such thing as low-risk intolerant meats like duck or game that some in need of a hypoallergenic mix often switch to to keep the food risk-free. But the five ingredients most likely to cause an allergic reaction (beef, eggs, dairy). Soy and wheat) are not use. To strike a happy balance and something your pup will like. As mentioned earlier, if he doesn’t like it, Tails will remix it for free to help you reduce problems.

Is Tails.com groceries expensive?

According to our knowledge, feeding a dog dry food is slightly more expensive than the market average.For example, for an average 14kg adult dog with no special dietary requirements, you would consider around $ 1 per day (compared to the market average of 85p / day). It’s worth noting that this is also significantly higher than what Tails is promoting (49p / day for an average small dog, 68p / day for an average medium-sized dog). Unsurprisingly, the more specific nutritional requirements you add, the higher the price.

Can I Cancel Tails.com Dog Food?

Yes indeed! Cancel at any time or just pause if you want to resume subscription in the future. Many people don’t like the idea of ​​taking out subscriptions for fear of long-term contracts, paying money up front, and not getting the service they want. None of that is here. If you have a problem, customer service is available to fix it before you have to cancel. Here’s the beauty of a subscription service – you have an online profile and all the controls are a click away so you don’t even have to speak to a real person to cancel.



To sum up, Tails formulas tend to be negligible in quality and are slightly above average.  You can ask specific requests on the website’s questionnaire to improve the quality a little. But that also adds to the cost, customizing Tails.com can be helpful for dietary needs. But for the vast majority, a quick search of our dog food directory will likely prove more productive. As there is no shortage there is a need for higher quality, inferior options.

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