Worthy.com Review

Worthy.com Review

When Worthy first started, it was a perfect venue for divorcés and jilted lovers to auction off their pricey wedding and engagement rings. But it has evolved into a bigger jewelry business that provides a smooth selling procedure for pricey diamond jewelry and opulent timepieces.

How it works

The site’s value evaluator can be used by those who have jewelry to sell. Based on the type of item (such as a ring, necklace, or bracelet), the designer, the size, shape, and clarity of the diamonds, this will determine its value. There is no point in attempting to sell another kind of stone here. In Worthy, the diamonds are everything.

A photo upload request will be made of you. The website might offer an estimated value after that procedure is complete. It might also advise you to contact or provide more details.


The website will send you a shipping label and packing materials if you opt to send in your jewelry for a formal appraisal and potential sale. Every piece of jewelry sent to Worthy is insured. Your jewelry will be shipped back with full insurance if it needs to be returned.



Once entered in Worthy’s services, jewelry is estimated by Gemological Institute of America and analogous experts. In some cases, diamonds need to be removed from their settings to get a proper look at theirquality.However, Worthy will communicate the dealer to get blessing, If that’s necessary.

In a many cases, the settings ca n’t be saved when the gravestone has been removed. This was once the top complaint about the point, with merchandisers saying they did n’t want the setting to be lost. The point now takes great pains to maintain the gravestone in the setting and advise merchandisers if it must be removed.


Setting a reserve price


Once the jewelry has been graded, merchandisers are given an estimate of its resale value, grounded on request interest for that gravestone and/ orpiece.However, you set a “ reserve price ” i, If the value seems reasonable toyou.e. the minimal price you ’re willing to take at transaction. When the piece is auctioned, it’ll only vend for that reserve price or further.

If there are no flings that are high enough — or if you do n’t like the valuation enough to vend — Worthy will return your jewelry at no cost.



Assuming you like the valuation and want to go forward with the trade, Worthy will clean and snap your jewelry and schedule it for transactionDeals are held online and are substantially attended by professional buyers. You, still, are also invited to attend when you ’re dealing an item.

Commissions and fees

Still, Worthy will take a commission from the deals price, If you vend jewelry then. The commission rate varies grounded on the value of the trade.

Deals of lower than$ 5,000 are subject to an 18 commission. The commission rate drops to 14 for deals above$ 5,000 to$ 15,000; to 12 for those above$ 15,000 to$ 30,000 and to 10 for particulars dealing for prices in excess of$ 30,000.


Customer reviews

When we last reviewed this point in 2020, Worthy was generating a lot of complaints about removing monuments and ruining settings. point officers told us at the time that it was revamping its programs to address the complaints. That appears to have worked.

Recent( 2022 and 2023) reviews are far more positive.( See “ What their druggies say ” below)


Check with a many original jewelers before transferring an item to Worthy. numerous give a nearly identical service at roughly the same cost.

still, Amazon also is worth considering, If you’re dealing other types of rocks
and jewelry. But spend the time to get an sanctioned appraisal for anything precious, take riotous photos of what you ’re dealing , and make sure to ensure your packages.

What their users say

I had a great original call with Rachel and snappily rec ’d the mailing instructs and package to shoot my diamond. I was kept acquainted every step of the way. Luckily I had read from others to price the ring at transaction enough to cover Worthy’s figure and Abby helped me sort out final pricing. We ended up getting a advanced shot than anticipated so everyone was happy. Payment came snappily as well via FedEx.

Overall I’m happy with everything. Some effects that went really well were the overall process, the communication, the shipping was veritably easy and the automated emails and textbooks let me know what was passing. They GIA grading took longer than anticipated but they informed me of that. The transaction itself was easy to set- up and see where the flings were coming by and how important. But, they should clarify if they want GIA instruments I had one. I followed the shipping instructions and did n’t shoot any paperwork. Was latterly told the GIA would have been helpful to have


Highly recommend


From my alarm about transferring off my valuables to the process of grading, drawing, and photos of my choker — to some important demanded plutocrat in the bank to use in a way which serves my life going forward. Why keep commodity you no longer need? Why not grease the bus of the macrocosm? Letting go allows instigation for my future with the added perk of cash in hand. I’ve formerly largely recommended your service to numerous. Everyone was completely professional and I’m happy someone differently will enjoy a choker that was just sitting in my jewelry box.

I had my dubieties of using Worthy to vend a ring and a choker but after reading about the company and reviews I decided to give it a pass The only thing I clearly lament is that I should have done it ahead! Rachel and Kendall were a delight to work with and substantially because of them both deals were a success.


Great communication

From launch to finish, the process was straight forward and executed exactly as announced. I noway had enterprises or questions because all aspects were explained on the frontal end. largely recommend. Takes the clumsy sorting of how to go about dealing unwanted diamonds out of the hands of individualities who do n’t know where to begin.

Great communication from the Worthy platoon all the way through the process. They transferred mepre-paid insured postage to correspondence my ring to them. Kept me in the circle as to when the ring arrived and also kept me informed on every step of the process. From the examination and evaluation of my ring, to giving me a cost estimate & complete report of the ring’s rates, to how the transaction would go, what flings I got etc. When my ring was vended for the price I wanted, it took lower than a week for me to get the plutocrat from them.


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